Sunday, 8 June 2014

Imperius Galgamech

In today's entry I present you the Warlord Titan "Imperius Galgamech" part of the Legio metallica and a famous engine of the third war for Armageddon.

In the battle of Hades where his titan brothers also fought, Galgamech under command of Princeps Goplin advanced inside the hughe ork Rock through the devastation left by the warlord Imperius quintus before it's destruction, seeing that he had not the means to destroy the rock conventiolly, princeps Goplin decided to self destruct his engine in the heart of the ork vessel destroying it from the inside, The valiant sacrifice of princeps Goplin blew up the rock completely breaking thus the spirit of the ork forces and assuring victory for the imperial forces. One more step in the gradual liberation of Armageddon from the forces of "the beast" Gazghkull Thraka.
Right, 'ere are da 'umies?
er... boss

 Looking through some rogue trader era rulebooks for inspiration, I stumbled upon this image, it was so funny that I inmediately decided that I had to represent it in one of my titans. A friend of mine, Oriol provided two orcs and a gretchin, with putty and some gravel I made an entrenchement to surround them, I placed the models in order that one of them was looking forwards, another one backwards, to the titan, and the grechin in the process of turning to warn the Boss.
Closeup of the orcs

 The titan has the same flags than the other warlords, two princeps flags with the titan's exploits, a legion flag with the iron skull of the legion and one kill banner in the melta cannon of the left.

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