Friday, 20 June 2014

New additions to blood bowl teams

Our first newcomer is Maya, a skink shamanic healer that serves as the apotecary for the Pinxapinyes lizardmen team. 

I made him beginning from a skink. I added a staff made with a knightly order spear, two saurus shields and two saurus weapons, on one side I putted an axe from a saurus, and then I added feather crown from the knightly orders (any colour resembace with some football mundial is purelly coincidential). I finished by sculpting a little vodoo doll with greenstuff for extra creepiness.

 Then we have Joanot  the new blitzer for the Skarsnik boys orc team.

To make him I just chopped the weapons from an old ork dating back to the remote times when I bought the starter set for warhammer 6th edition.

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