Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Kislev cup: humans vs orcs

 Hello there sports fans welcome to another round of the sport of kings, the joust of chevaliers and the duel of gods: Blood Bowl. Today's match sees the humans of Pouferradina square off against the orcs of Skarsnik boyz
 The orcs recieve the kick and move to the left

 Pouferradina tries to enter the cage fruitlessly
 The orcs move into the opposing half

 Ah here it is the "safe corner" a BB classic, instead of scoring the orcs will let the clock run

 Another clear foul unremarked by the ref
 Ah but he has expelled this lineman, good for him; else the hoolingans would've had some friendly word after the game
 Those players just keep bouncing from the cage

 As the last seconds tick in the orcs score, touchdown!
 Here are we at the second half and Pouferradina is on the offence

 Two holes are opened and the humans pour through
 Another criminal foul that goes unpunished

 As the ball is on the backfield the orks go after it

 The ballcarrier is down and the orcs can seize the initiative

 The ball keeps slipping everyone's grasp
 But the human thrower at last grabs it and launches downfield

 A lineman cathces it, evades the defence
 Then passes to a blitzer aand
 With little time remaining the match goes down to a fist fight

And that's the end, a tied result 1-1 wich catapults the humans to the first position

The ranking:
Pouferradina (human) 4
Supergobs (goblin): 3
Skarsnik's boyz (orc): 3
Pinxapinyes (lizard): 2

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