Saturday, 12 April 2014

Two Warlords

There's a Legio Metalica battlegroup of two Adeptus Titanicus era warlords. They coste4d me around 14 euros in e bay, althought i had to add the legs and three weapons were missing.

My first interest in Epic originated afeter readin a short story by Dan Abnett in which nine warlords of the Legio Metalica alongside with Yarrick, imperial guard and the Salamanders lead an attack against an ork rock landed on Armageddon in front of an Hades hive destroyed by asteroid bombardment. The Titans had the decisive role in the destruction of the ork fortress, but only three titan names appear in the tale: Imperius Quintus, Imperius Galgamech and  Imperius Tenebrus. So in this post I present you Quintus and Tenebrus, Galgamech still to come.

Imperius Quintus was the engine of Princeps Danferus the commander of the Legio Metallica that day, Danferus attacked the ork gargant lines, after destroying one of the machines he was the first to ascend the ramp that lead him directly into the rock, there he blew up the ammunition silos causing severe damage to the fighting asteroid, but was prevented from causing further damage by a gargant wich fought Quintus at close range until their mutual destruction. 

In the story, Abnett tolds us that the titan is equipped with shoulder missiles, I obtained recently a cyclone missile launcher from a friend and i thought that it would look great in top of the titan so I separeted and mounted it upon its shoulders.
The iron skull, the emblem of the legio can be clearly seen in one of the dorsal banners, alongside with the titan's name.

 The second engine is Imperius Tenebrus, of which we do not know the princep's name. 
In the story this titan is the first to die after destroying a gargant and severely damaging two more, it breaks by it's hip, remaining it's legs sanding during all the war as a remainder of the legio's power and sacrifices.
 As with Quintus the titan's name is depicted in the left side dorsal banner

 Top view of both titans
 Note that Quintus is standing upon the charred remains of a bad moon mega gargant, one of the engines destroyed during it's charge against the rock.

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