Friday, 11 April 2014

Steel Hammer

I present you steel hammer, the engine of grand master of the Legio MetalicaKurtiz Mannheim who died heroicaly leading a sucidide charge against ork gargants during the second war for Armageddon,
  following orders from. the mad and presumably heretic planetary overlord Herman von Strab.

Probably the overlord just was furious upon hearing that Mannheim thought that he was "the greatest waste of flesh and bone born in the last five hundred years".

The history of princeps Mannheim also provides us with valuable fluff regarding that he had a son and a wife, so we can infer that legio metalica's princeps weren't subject to celibate or a single minded devotion to war like the space marines or the princeps that appear in the novels.

 To the sides of the imperator you can see the first scenery that i've created for epic 40k: two bunkers that may count as objectives.

 Princeps honour banner and kill banners, to the left the remains of a goff  mega gargant.
 Highway 707, the road along wich Mannheim lead his titan battlegroup to sacrifice and glory.

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