Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Battle for Mustafar


 War in the Outer Rim! The nefarious general Grievous has seized control of the planet Mustafar, turning its factories to the separatist cause. Faced with the threat of millions of new battledroids, the Galactic Senate sends admiral Yularen to retake the volcanic world in the name of the Republic
CIS navy: in the foregroud the Invincible, followed by the Indefatigable and the Beneficence in the background

Yularen's fleet, the venators Defiant, Avenger and Resolute

The separatists get the first turn, launching a screen of ordnance
Wich is answered in kind by the clone pilots
The republic vessels cross the T, badly damaging the Indefatigable with their turbolasers
The Defiant gets hit by proton torpedoes, venting some decks to the void
Meanwhile, Grievous and his vulture fighters wipe out the Y wings
The Defiant is attacked by hyena bombers, but manages to stay in the fight
All turbolasers zero into the Indefatigable, that blows up, damaging the surrounding vessels
The Invincible has problems of her won, as one wave of LAAT gunships and another of Y wings work together to cripple her
The separatists slingshot around Mustafar, opening up with their broadsides to little effect
The venators move ahead of the providence destroyers, reducing the Ivincible to a burning hulk
The ravaged destroyer tries to strike back, but she's too mauled to do any significant damage
A swarm of LAATs unleash hundreds of boarding parties, that take out all the Beneficence's weapons
The Invincible drifts aflame
And explodes, causing some damage on the venators
Deprived of her batteries, the Beneficence attempts to board the Defiant, but the clone troopers easily rout the droids and capture the vessel, ending the game for the separatists

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