Thursday, 21 May 2020

Battle of Aboukir

 Napoleon faces off an ottoman invasion on the shores of Aboukir Bay
 The french are way outnumbered
 First turk line
 Second line with cavalry in front
 The french begin by launching their dragoons at the redoubt
 But are repulsed
 Next comes the infantry
 That takes the redoubt while ottoman levy rides around
 Then the dragoons go for a mauled square but are again pushed back
 The square is then blown up by cannonfire
 In the left the kapikulu guard has charged a square but combat remains inconclusive
 Sipahis charge the french guns
 Routing the crews
 Then the dragoons are also charged
 The turks cut the left square to bloody ribbons
 And the sipahi run over the french riders
 In a bid to secure a tie Napoleon occupies a redoubt (wich grants one victory point)
The battle comes to an end with a draw