Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Lion's Gate

 Imperial fists vs world eaters battle for this vital spaceport
 Dorn and his Huscarls
 In turn one fist missiles wreck an enemy predator
 Next turn Angron drops in
 Together with some tacticals
 A heavy suppor squa takes aim and blows away the enemy praetor
 Dorn and Angron clash as their bodyguards fight it out
 Sigismund leds his templars in an awesome charge
 That wipes out the tacticals
 Both primarchs slug it out
 After losing some men by plasma fire the templars kills the second unit of tacticals and the primus medicae, Surlak
 With the veterans dispatched the huscarls turn on Angron
 Finally bringing him down to the relief of a wounded Dorn
A decisive loyalist victory

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