Friday, 29 November 2019

55 hours at Peak Inn

 And so it happened that upon the fourteenth day of Burnfuel the scum and deviants of the hive had the effrontery of raising up against their rightful masters, the flames of insurrection leapt from dome to dome and lifelong enemies found themselves shoulder to shoulder fighting for their lives against the tides of madness. Klovis and I led one such defence, entrenched in the Peak Inn drinking den
 As the undeserving eschers manned one side of the barricade we stood stoically on the southern wall
 I encouraged some of our fighters, who formed a reserve inside the bar
 First in the ramparts, the Redeemer rallied his men in the line of fire
 Zombies, mutants and scalies emerged from the benighted depths of the underworld
 Such blasphemy in the eyes of the Emperor had to be purged!
 Air headed as they where the eschers advanced into the foe over the barricades
 Fire from our lines cut down some deviants
 The idiotic eschers soon paid for their foolishness
 Flames leapt from the mutant lines, engulfing the ranks of the faithful
 Wise Klovis sounded the recall, we would meet the scum in our terms inside the bar
 Then the tide of sin reached the dike of our crusade
 Causing some loss
 The reckless coin guild was cut down in pieces
 Bounty hunter Alpha launched herself selflessly against the foe to win us some time
 Fruitlessly the scatily clad harridans tried to stem the zombie horde
 We crowded into the bar, safe for now from the predations of the heretics
 Our other merc, Cyborgette, stood valiantly on the barricade to cover our retreat
 Alpha kept slicing mutants with acrobatic grace
 Zombies and mutants fell upon Cyborgette who stood her ground and took some down with her
 Brave Deza was caught by a repugnant twist
 But the harlots also paid a price in blood
 Raising again as plague zombies!
 The last eschers where rounded up and taken out of action

 The wounded dragged slowly towards the bar
 We had to watch as they where cut down by the onrushing tide, truly they proved to be too weak to merit the Emperor's munificence and so had to pay for their weakness

 Even the escher leader was bitten by the undead
 Turning into a shambling automaton
 The repulsive deviants charged the door, but we met them with a fusillade fo fire that sent them tumbling to the ground
 Klovis himself despatched one with his shotgun
 Standing to the last Cyborgette was finally brought down by the massed foe, but with her last breath she prevented the enemy flamers from firing into the bar, earning her an eternal place in the annals of the true faith
 Incredibly enough Alpha was still alive and kicking, standing proudly over a sea of enemies
As the enforcer counterattack blazed from the gates of the dome  and routed the cowardly degenerates we took stock: many of the faith and even more godless eschers had been killed and injuried, but we had weathered the storm of aberrant hate and endured the heretic onslaught thanks to our faith in the Emperor!