Monday, 12 March 2018


 I'm putting together a warband for the mordheim campaign, most of these witch hunter heroes are historical figures from warlord games, while the cloaked captain is a converted warhammer imperial. I love how posh they look with sashes and high heels: "I say, terrible bad form those zombie buggers not staying dead when you shoot them and all" "beastly manners old chap".
For the paintjob I went with a fittingly sinister red and black, with blue as spot colour.
 Like the Redeemer, the captain carries an oversized weapon, called the malleus hereticorum, to smush enemies of the faith with
 All of them equip a crossbow, sort of a gentlemen's hunting party, what sport!

 Gunther is the "nephew" of a rich member of the clergy, who has sent him into the world so he becomes a man while purging the miscreants

 His equipment is of superior quality, hopefuly making up for his inexperience 

 Hans is the most striking of the lot, festooned with stakes, wearing the iconic collar and broad brimmed hat

 All hunters carry some sort of hammer to drive the stakes in

 Sprenger is more the gunslinger type


  1. Le marteau "hereticorum" est des plus impressionnants, et les figurines superbes, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs...