Wednesday, 7 March 2018

BFG orks vs tau

 Time for some BFG action, for this game I brought my recently finished orks against some Tau, a fleet againt which I had never played. We deployed in two lines for a head on bash.
 We concentrated our forces on the stardboard half of the table, leaving the port empty save for a planet and some gas clouds
 My orks move sluggishly forward
 To boost their speed I order all ahead full

 The Tau than pounce upon my "fleet", opening up with their guns and the deadly smart torpedoes
 Concentrated fire  downs one rok
 While the other is destroyed by massed torpedoes; the tau ones can turn back after passing your line, striking your rear in the following turns
 It is then my turn and I concentrate all firepower on the enemy battleship, locking on with my batteries, with most of its armament systems disabled, a final torepedo salvo turns her into a wreck
 The space hulk also delivers punishment, destroying some frigates
 Then the Tau open up with everything they've got upon the hulk: batteries, lances, bombers and torpedoes are fired in anger, but when the (space) dust settles the giant lump of rock has only lost half its damage
 At this point we ran out of time and counted up our dead
The orks have managed a close victory, with an edge of 70 victory points.
Tau fighters and torpedoes are amazing, their escorts aren't half bad either, but the capital ships were somewhat lackluster, they don't have the endurance to sustain much punishment and their firepower is quite lacking. Now that I've tried the orks I'm itching to field my old imperial navy and see how they fare against this new fleet.