Friday, 19 January 2018

The Wasteland Crusade: Episode 4, Convoy Raid!

 I beseech the Emperor's inpiration as I keep on with the retelling of Klovis's deeds in the deserts of sin and impiety that surround the hive cities of Necromunda. The Redeemer was coming home to his base in the ash wastes from a tour of faith, carrying with him the Emperor's Bounty: a mass of temporal coin gathered from more or less enthusiatic believers.
 It was then that we saw a rusty transport blocking our war forward, manned by those most impudent of harridans: the eschers!
 We got into a vindicating shootout with them until Klovis smashed the holy armoured mass of the Purgemobile into the sinful contraption
Brother Deza was shaken by the impact and fell to the sands, we soon lost sight of him, but Klovis exorted us to have no fear since a man's true faith is more than enough to sustain him in the desert, and such an experience would greatly improve his zeal through penance and meditation. Later, brother Deza joined us after a trek in the wasteland, proving once more the word of our holy messiah.
 Then we came alongside the heretics, pouring more bullets into them
 Unrepenting in the error of their ways, the enemies of faith drove before us, in a blatant and unimaginative attempt to cut us off
 Undaunted by such a setback, Klovis drove us around while sending deacon Berkark in a glorious  mission aginst the escher heavy, he proved somewhat, lacking in passion, when he was defeated by the overencumbered virago
 We kept firing round after round, and praise be! one of our blessed purification implements pierced their blasphemous engine, greatly slowing the barge of sin down 
 The apothates turned their ponderous heresy conveyor around, but we were too fast and sped away
 As we sung psalms to Him on Terra, we kept our fusillade, that even if it didn't send any of them to hell, did put some fear of the Emperor into their corrupt bodies, a worthy endeavour in itself 

With the ramshacle escher rustbucket falling behind, we drove for home, a Te Imperatorem sung in rejoicing for our victory, Klovis used wisely the donations of the faithful in convincing another devout into joining our holiest of causes: brother Helsing. Deacon Berkark rejoined our ranks, unscatched and reinvigorated by his experience