Friday, 12 January 2018

The Wasteland Crusade: Episode 3, Klovis's Revenge

 To further the glory of our Inmortal God-Emperor I keep on with the story of the Redeemer. Afer taking command from our crusade again, Klovis planned to get his back on the escher gang, or as he put it "bring the Emperor's judgement upon the head of the undeserving"
 We waited until the heathen swarm made stop on their sinful tour, springing then our ambush!
 Two of the heathen harridans were brought low by our holy fire, then finished off in combat
 Two of the faithful jumped into the barge of sin, but were surrounded and quickly dispatched by the godless eschers, a final prayer on their lips
 As I led a second wave to the assault, the luscious harridans had the effrontery to counterattack our charge, killing one of  our number and putting me, despite my boundless faith, in quite a fright
 Buth then, at a signal from the Redeemer, the rest of our brethen fell like the angels of the Emperor on the daemonic concubines,catching them in their vindictive strike
 And, praise be! their assault killed most of the pagan rabble, who hit the ground as if striken by the flaming sword of the lord of Terra himself
After witnessing the unstoppable tide of our rightful wrath, the rest of the gang, spineless cowards as they were, ran for it, leaving us in control of the battlefield, singing anthems to his Glory.
However, our victory wasn't bloodless, and brother Desval was commended to the grace of the Emperor. He, in his divine wisdom, gifted us a new recruit shortly afterwards, brother Torquemada, wo is more than eager to prove his worth and zeal to the legendary Redeemer

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