Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Prospero 3: bloodbath in the palatinate mansions

 The debut of my offical Talons of the Emperor (1200pts)
Constantin Valdor
Excruciatus cadre
Sentinel Guard
Sentinel Guard
Custodian Guard
Galatus Dreadnought

 For this Prospero game we got a weird deployment map: a quarter for each with a 18'' no go bubble in the middle. I deployed the sisters with shrouded and the dread with the other custodes in reserve.
Ojective was kill units, one point for each, warlord&first blood also.
 After an uneventful turn 1, turn 2 sees one sentinel guard and the custodians teleport
 The defenders of Tizca also show up, lots of auxilia
 Centurion Ramses
 And one of psyker vets outflanking
 The rest of my sentinels teleport
 The excruciatus sisters kill all the vets with the crossbow-stakes, this weapon is the bane of any psyker, causing perils if they hit. Ideal for killing Magnus if he hadn't been in the other side of the table. A squad of those girls in one of the flash gordon transports is a cruchy one.
 I charged the auxilia and wiped them all with only three custodians
 These sentinels then made a goofy show and didn't strip a single hull point form the russ
 The galatus charged and wrecked the TS dread, fending off the return attacks with his shield.
Speak about scale creep
 The rest of the vets appeared
 Magnus kept injurying himself with perils thanks to campaigns special rules
 This ended badly for the vets, note the scale creep from 2nd ed
 Ramses was stomped by the Galatus

 High five! The custemptor clashes against a buffed up Magnus (S10/T9) after the sisters stripped most wounds with the crosssbows
 Magnus almost dies
 And severely damages the walker next turn
 And so the battle ended, the Talons lost no one while the TS everyone except Magnus
Updated map, the custodes cut their way through Tizca towards the pyramid of Photep


  1. De bien belles figurines, impressionnantes en taille!

  2. C'est le "scale creep" mon cher