Monday, 15 August 2016

Trip to Russia 1: Borodino Panorama Museum

Just got back from a trip to Russia and had to visit the Borodino museum at Moscow. To get there you've got the "park povedi" metro station from the dark blue line, the museum is just behind the triumphal arch opposite the victory park.

 Bagration (left) & Co.

 Inside the museum we are greeted by a 1805 uniform
 An unicorn!
 Tsat Alexander I

 Cuirassier & Grenadier headgear

 Poles vs cossacks

 Smolensk by Averyanov

 Cavalry blunderbuss to the right!

 St George order & docs

 The famous 360º painting by Averyanov, the viewer is located a circular platform where the great redoubt was. Saxon 2nd guard regiment advancing to the right of the redoubt
 Saxon guard cuirassiers
 Great battery pounding the redoubt
 Ruskis holding the line to the left of the fortification

 Village of Semeonvskaya anchoring the russian line

 Russian left: squares of the guard being charged by cuirassiers, behind them the fleches and the Utitsa forest in the background
 Semeonovskaya plus reserves

 Dragoon with general's horses
 Cuirassier reserve
 Cavalry clash to the right of the redoubt: saxon leibgarde and russian cuirassers in the front, polish lancers vs dragoons on the back. Note the russian officer charging in the front with a trupeteer in tow to spread his orders. The imperials won that clash and then went arund the earthwork and captured it. Village of Borodino in the background.
 Cuirassier 2nd line, note how the cavalry advances in squadrons formed on two lines of 50

 Two sqdns of saxon cuirassiers
 With artillery support
 Horse guns unlimbering

 Jezcze Polska!

 French guns before Semeonovskaya

 Rest of saxon cuirassiers
 Napoleon on the center

 Murat, fabulous as always
 French battery aiming at Raievsky's guns on the right

  The viceroy, Eugène
 Raievsky's battery
 Lone russian cuirassier trapped, poles vs dragoons behind

 Mode parisienne

Engravings of Moscow back then


 Red square, kremlin to the left

 As the french enter Moscow...
 ...the russians leave

 A scisors to remove snuff from candles 

 A french (or swiss?) drum boy getting food after surrendering

 Battle of Maloiraslovetz, which forces Napoleon to retreat by the Smolensk rute wich whas utterly without food

 Entrance of the allies in Paris


  1. IS looks like a museum well worth visiting!
    If you are in the vicinity...

    Thanks for the nice pictures.

  2. Moscovite metro is really fast, you can get there within half an hour from any metro station in the city practically.

  3. Museums and battlefields are excellent. Borodino is a real treat.