Saturday, 20 August 2016

Battle of Gaudillus V

 Went to another GW for a game vs tyranids, I was bringing my new Horus plus friends and my opponent got a bucketload of monstruous creatures plus some stealers. The mission was the seize the relic one.
 Marines in reserve on this pic
 He surprised me by bringing a shooty army instead of the mainstrem CC one, with no less than two exocrines
 Soon my men were surrounded by lots of monstrosities...

 Horus finally arrived to set things to rights
 As did an ineffectual (but freshly painted) lightning
 Suicide charge!

 The mawloc burrowed beneath ground, and that was what we last saw of him
 Extra reinforcements!
 My flyer being hunted by giant roaches
 Horus charged the guys with the relic (hiding behind the big beastie) and the termis the exocrine
 A poor squad before being nom nomed by stealers

 A pair of swings with the maul left nothing but a puddle of the tyranid warriors
 The exocrine also got the worst of this encounter, the extra attack that the Sons of Horus get in combat coming in handy. Of course all those synaptic creatures wouldn't run...
 Horus the headless (to be painted separatelly) leds the recover

 The second exocrine shot Horus up causing no less than three wounds! What use are carnifexs for?
 The lightning died to venomous spit
 The stealers charged the termis, they caused some wounds, the termis killed the exocrine
 But then they fled and got wiped away, I spent quite a lot of points in these justaerin just for that...

 The stealers tried their luck vs Horus but bit more than they could chew
 These marines locked the exocrine and came close to killing it
Finally the game came to a close with me winning 4-1 thanks to the man of the game: Horus
It would be good to invest on some primarchs then, mind that you can put as many as combined arms detachments, two in 1500pts with some list tailoring!

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