Saturday, 9 July 2016

Sons of Horus/Imperial Fists vs 40k Alpha

 I went to a GW store for the first time in quite a lot, had a very enjoyable morning, the staff wasn't fanatic at all. I've just seen lots of kids today which seems to give a thumbs up to nowadays "policies" despite all the old school's hatred. I'm glad since it means that the hobby'll be going on for the foreseeable future (still got historicals tough). 
For the game I brought a mix of Imperial Fists and Sons of Horus, the mission was one of the seize objectives type and my opponent had 40k alphas, made like mine out of the Betrayal at Calth set, so a visually fitting enemy. The fact that chaos marines don't have they shall know no fear ensured a balanced game vs 30k'. 

 I got the luck of rolling invisivility on my psyker and he joined some termis to roll through the board, my opponent decided not to powergame and roll his powers from biomancy instead
 Dices are objective markers, the sneaky alphas had no livery so people even confused them with blackshields (as it should be)

 I got first turn and moved forward to seize objectives
 The alphas advanced too
 This squad was going to have a bad time in the open against missile launchers
 The IF master of signal called for a bombardment on some entrenched marines, killing several thanks to barrage
 Bum! They're gone

 The dread fell short of his charge, leaving him vulnerable to my lightning wich was being late for the party

 Here come the cav!
 The four kraken missiles made an absurd overkill of the poor dread, I've come to dislike them since they always die too easily
 Objective seized!
 In my left the tacticals fury of the legioned the flanking alphas leaving the sorcerer alone, but he would get his back on them
 The termis finished off some cultists with their combibolters

 The alphas reserves came in, a unit of termis+lord in my weak flank

 With their bolters out of ammo I charged the sorcerer but he had got buffed due to biomancy powers and made short work of them
 This combat around one of the central objectives went on and on, the extra attack of the SoH balancing the +1T of the chaos mark of nurgle.
 The termies charged the Heavy Support squad which held on for two turns surprisingly, the master of signal even injuried the termi HQ with his chainsword
 The extra attack was quite useful, next time I'll give them extra CCW for more assault pottential (and take out the autocannons from the lightning); after making fury of the legion you can't shoot so assaulting is a good idea and with SoH doubly so!

 The inevitable happened
 I killed the lone sergenat in the centre after he survived heroically in his own for several turns
The staff guy told us that they had to close so this is the view at the end. The SoH win 7-3 thanks to objectives, first blood and linebreaker. In that turn I could have killed his units in my deployment zone, earning +1VP and leaving him with just 1 but that's just an hipotesis.

Batism of fire of the Imperial Fists and a victory wohoo!

My list was heavy on antitank for an opponent that just had one dread but that's what you get with all rounders. Finally an advice if you're planning on fielding lightnings: just give them the four krakens, since the next turns it'll lack manoeubravilty to do anything else.

After this I give you a rating of the codexes from my gaming experience:
Chaos Marines<Harlequins<30k Marines<Space Marines

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