Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Bucklebury ferry

Another LOTR game, beginning a selection of scenarios from the Shire to Moria beginning with the Bucklebury Ferry one that came in Legions of middle earth.
The scenario's rules are quite straightforward: the hobbits must exit via the ferry and the nazgul prevent this killing Frodo or the other three, as long they remain covered partially by terrain or 14cm away from the river the nazgul can't attack them and is moved by the player with initiative.

 And the ferry itself with a freshly built jetty
 The first turns saw quick movement towards the center of the board 
 With the hobbits hiding with their uncanny ability

 Now, to the ford!
 With the travellers close to the river the nazgul realized that his quarry was about to escape and rushed towards them

The ringwraith cast a spell on Frodo moving him forward and making him put on the ring 
 Sam, Merry and Pippin ran over the wooden planks leving his firend seemingly behind
 Frodo and the nazgul battled it out, all to no avail

 Quick mister Frodo! Quite like in the film
 Frodo shoul have fallen to the river
 But he spent a point of might to pass his roll and jump to safety
The companions row away to the (apparent) safety of Crickhollow and the Old Forest...


  1. Reminds me something! Great pictures and beautiful minis!

  2. It does! Ended up looking like the film without planning it.