Friday, 3 June 2016

Amon Hen

 The last battle of the Fellowship of the Ring, The uruks have to take Merry and Pippin out in hand to hand (can't shoot at them) and drag them out of the left edge of the board (south).
 Boromir and the hobbits are separated from the rest by a sea of orcs
 Aragorn & co near the Seat of Seeing

 The light got first turn and charged in
 While Legolas got into sniping position, shooting three innefectual arrows at Lurtz

 The darkness surrounded and knocked out the hobbits
 Gimli is also surrounded
 And Aragorn
 The uruks took a wound off Boromir with their arrows

 The usual
 Good heroes being hemmed in
 While Lurtz escapes with his quarry

 Gimli got into a sticky situation, but his tick armour ensured his survival
 No more sniping!

 Mere uruks are no match for Thranduil's son however

 The uruks try to kill boromir, but his might reserve is too much for them and they keep losing fight after fight

 Albeit injuried by an arrow, Aragorn keeps cleaving orcs down
 As legolas does
 But bogged down by the fights, the heroes can't come to the hobbit's help, and they are dragged ever closer to the board's edge

 Even Gimli, with his back to a rock, can't be defeated
Lurtz and an orc escape with the hobbits to Isengard and darkness wins

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