Thursday, 12 May 2016

The bridge of Kazâd Dum

 Refighting the fellowship of the ring. First scenario: escape from Moria: both sides have the same points, if Frodo escapes by the bridge in the bottom right corner the light wins, if he is killed the darkness wins instead.
 There is still one dwarf in Moria!

 The goblin hordes are led by none other than the Balrog himself

 The gloomy second hall of Moria...
 Light gets the initiative and runs for it
 While Aragorn & co hold the gate
 The Balrog moves to the second hall also

 Anduril proves too much for the cave troll ,but a small opening has been created

 Two goblins slip through it
 While the rest are intercepted (and chopped)

 Boromir and Aragorn move to the exit, but Gimli is left behind as dwarfs aren't preciselly good at running.

 The Balrog has outrun the hobbits and now bars the path to the bridge
 Hobbits in the front rank?
 Bad idea
 Gimli is pressed agains the walls of the fateful chamber of Mazarbul
 Pippin is killed by an orc's scimitar
 And the Balrog enters the fray
 (Another) dwarf bites the rocky dust of Moria
 Familiar pantehon
 Sam is killed by Durin's bane
 Who is then charged by Legolas

After Gandalf loses a wound, and with the path ahead blocked light's palyer decided to concede.

Next week: Amon Hen


  1. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks awesome... made the batrep roundup.