Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Duel atop Zirak Zigil

 Welcome back to another LOTR game, after the passage through Moria, Gandalf battles the Balrog atop the tallest mountain, Zirak Zigil. WE used the minigame that came in a white dwarf, note the kindle with the rules.
 The oponents begin at oposing ends of the mountain's summit, if they are pushed over the rockline or reduced to 0 wounds they lose and die.
 The Balrog kept slipping over the mountain and advanced little, not easy to move trhough snow when your feet are in flames! Gandalf, unhindered by such flaming troubles, moved rapidly to the peak and down.
 The Balrog used his stomp spell several times but after Gandalf regenerated all damage and he lost no few wounds, he discovered that it was futile, the fight would have to be decided up close
 Finally the two maiar came into spell range
 Zap! the fire lash grabbed Gandalf and moved him into contact
 Gandalf kept the distance and showered the fire spirit with damaging spells
 But while retreating, he slipped and rolled down the slope
 Finding out that close combat was the best way to finish the istar, as he would be forced to push him away instead of regenerating, the Balrog used his wip... come within striking distance
 The creature slipped again
But then, with a final leap, he breathed fire upon the wizard, cleaving him down with his flaming sword.

Evil victory!

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