Thursday, 3 December 2015

BFG escalating engagement

 Yet another BFG game this time chaos vs imperial navy

Chaos Hulk

Mars battlecruiser

Scenario: escalating engagement
 The chaos began the battle by launching ordnance
 Two turns worth of ordnance and the mars joins the fray
 causing some damage with the nova cannon

 The dominator is left with one damage and burning after one wave of ordnance hits home
 The hulk also placed some torpedoes strategically in front of the prow, the cruiser would have to brun retros or eat them up!
 Failed Ld test and cruiser blown
 The rest of the navy ships keep eroding the hulk's mass

 The hulk braces for impact, but it has so many guns, torpedoes etc that his firepower is still more than enough
 the second wave of ordnance monoeuvers also in front of another cruiser
 who fails the command roll and suffers five damage despite bracing

finally the hulk's lances kill the cruiser, and the navy disengages

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