Tuesday, 22 December 2015

40k ultras vs 30k iron hands

 I went again to the store for another game of 40k, this time I took Iron Hands with some sicaran battletanks plus Castrman Orth (who gives tank hunters and BS 5 to a tank) to deal with the speeders of the last day. Great was my surprise when I found that he had just one speeder and no bikes but termies and Land Raiders instead!
 The mission rolled was the relic, whoever had the relic at the end of the game would get three victory points
 I got first turn and deployed Ferrus Manus directly before the relic

 In my first turn I just stunned a speeder but got Ferrus close to the relic
 In the ultras first turn they launched a drop pod and the veterans coming out of it wrecked Orth's sicaran
 His land raider blew up an executioner predator

 In my turn Ferrus seized the holy lamp of Antioch relic, a powerful artefact said to have illuminated a street where the Emperor passed by once
 Orth now out of his sicaran charged the veterans, killing one with his pistol and bashing the brains of another with his maul

 The termies managed an impossible charge into the land rider
 Cutting it to pieces
 In the ultras turn a "drop pod" unleashed a dreadnought behind a rhino
 His termis charged mine
 The rhino was blown up
 And its passengers decimated by the scouts
 Who then charged in
 The combat went fairly even between the termies altough the storm shields would mark the difference in the next turns
 The tactical was wiped out by the scouts in hand to hand
 Orth was also felled

 In my turn the sicaran killed the dreadnought
 And my termie won the combat, the smurfs retreated and he was unable to pursue due to slow and purpouseful
 The scouts shooted at Ferrus but just one wound was inflicted
 The termies charged but the Sicaran survived
 In my sixth turn I manoeuvred the remaining units in order to claim linebreaker, the sicaran killed the termis and the tactical fury of the legioned the vets
 And so the game came to an end

 The ultras got first blood (Orth's sicaran) and one linebreaker pod for a total of 2VP
 I got one linebreaker
Another for Ferrus plus the relic made a total of 5VP
Victory to the Iron Hands then!

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