Thursday, 1 May 2014

Undead vs orcs

 Welcome to the first match of the Kislev cup. Today, the xicotz d'Skarsnik orc team confronts their old rivals, the necrofilia undeads. Those teams faced each other in the last cup final wich ended in a close victory for the orcs, let's see how will things go today.
 And the orcs get the first move after the coin is thrown! 
 the ball falls in the middle of their field, a thrower moves in, and cathing the ball he passes it to one of their blitzers, now the whole orc team is pressing for the attack!
 But alas! the orc blitzer trips over a zombie loosing the ball, quickly one of the necrofilia's ghouls seizes it.
The violence multiplies along the middle of the pitch, but I think that I can see a clear opening in the orc lines through wich the ghoul could pass... 
 There he goes! wait, it seems that he is trying to run a fex more extra meters... aand he falls and the ball is on the loose again!
Well it seems that the orc coach isn't taking any chances now, he recovers the ball with one of his blitzers and forms a protective formation around him with his throwers
His other blitzer is alone in the middle of the contrary pitch, some ghouls try to tackle him, but he manages to evade thaem and after recieveing the ball from his teammate he scores the first touchdown of the match! Xicots 1 Necrofilia 0! 
 Now the undead have little remaining time to equal the marker, they manage to pick the ball, but their inflitrates are soon surrounded and dealt with by the orc defenders. The refree whistles the  end of the first half of the game and both teams go back to their sidelines to plan new strategies for the second half.
 Since the orcs started first it's now necrofilia's turn to recieve the ball, but what is going on? during the kick off the orcs start to move and one of their blitzers seizes the ball! Well that was unexpected, what was doing our refree? probably counting the dwarvish gold given to him by some of Skarsnikt's staff... those goblins, one can always trust them to play dirty
 Conmotion reigns amongst the unedad, that althought unable to feel anything cannot prevent the massive orcish penetration in their left.
 But worry not necrophilic fans, the blitzer carrying the ball fails to dodge, and falls awkwardly to the ground amongst the irate insults of their fans and the cheer of their opponents!
 And the undead recover quickly and the initative, a ghoul picks the ball, but inexplicably doesen't throw it!
The vengeful orcs close into him and after a very nasty round of punches and kicks end his unlife several times over. 
With the ghoul stunned and his team half the pitch away, the orcs score comfortably the second and definitive touchdown. The undead coach has had enough of it and, standing up, leaves the field in ingominious defeat. 
The after play sequence: In the end around 80.000 spectators (randomly determinated) assisted to the match, which represented huge benefits for both teams, and a nice push for the upcoming matches. Necrofilia earned 70.000 gold crowns, wich the coach decided to save in order to buy team re-rolls in the future; the xicots for their part earned 80.000 crowns. wich they spended automaticlaly in another blitzer. No one managed to win enough star points to get an advance, and none serious injuries were sustained either. 
In the fan factor phase, the undead managed to maintain their followers, the faith of them unshaken by this setback at the beginning of the league (we must not forget that they managed to arrive at the final last season so there is still a lot of game to be played); the amazing performance of the xicots however, didn't leave the audience indifferent and their fan value increased by one as more and more spectators joined the orcish rising star.

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