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Blood Bowl Staff and reinforcements

"bribed" Skeekit is the most living bribed refree according to the magazine Spike!. Althought that may seem to be a problem in order to have well balanced games, it turns out to be the contrary: since Skeekit is always accepting higher and higher bribes from both teams before the match, no one knows which of the two will he favour in the end. Both coaches may be usually seen sneaking bags full of warpstone in the hands, paws or tail of the ref, even during the game itself!

 The staff of the "xicotz d'Skarsnikt" orc team
 Thorek Skeggsson is the team's mascot, once a trollslayer in the giant dwarves team, he never overcame a grievous injury during a game againt the xicots; taking advantatge of a moment when the dwarves weren't looking, the orcs captured Thorek and bound him to be their mascot, being since then their main lucky charm. And his swearing and cursing appeal greatly to the xicot's fans!

 Shaman Ungrog has been the team's apothecary since the beginning. He always comes to the pitch with an enormous kettle in which he concots his "miracoluz  potion" made with diverse bodily parts of both teams, squig bones and the most important ingredient "shrooms". After a sip of the mix, most players return to the pitch in a state of frenzy that lasts long enough to finish the game with a resounding victory... well most of the time,

 "broken nose" Cordez is the main and only component of the team's band, his mission during the game is to direct the chants of the fans with his two enormous cymbals, unfortunately he gets too carried away and his nose ends smashed between the two copper instruments much to the rejoicing of the fans. His nose is so much deformed that apothecary Ungorg has lost all hope in fixing it again, but that doesen't seem to bother Cordez who keeps playing his cymbals enthusiastically every game.

Some of the most famous chants of the xicotz are:

Xicotz, xicotz, we 're gonna disembowell you
Xicotz, xicotz we will bit you ears off
and so on...

Xi xi xi xixixixi XICOTZ

Or the famous "reciever's tune" composed by one of the fans after one of the recievers of the contrary team was killed by the team's captain Alparkt

Once upon a time there was a reciever
who runned lightly around the pitch
but he won't dance never ever
since his remains are in a ditch

Coach Francesc Cervera: Cervera is not an orc nor a goblin, he is in fact a rare breed known as half orc, the theam's owner, the warlord Skarsnikt wouldn's trust in an orc to manage the team so he putted it under a half orc instead. Cervera's approach tho the game is traditional and rather contundent, based in creating gaps in the enemy line across wich to pass with the ball inside a defensive "zquare". He always comes to the pitch with a board where he displays the most innovative and imaginative tactics such as punching the rival until everyone's dead or smashing head on into the contrary ranks black orcs to the fore.

Poudreg: orc blitzer. A recent addition to the team, Poudreg was contracted with the benefits of the last match, much pressure is putted in him since he is realtively unknown to the fans and his teamates, let's hope that he won't crumble under the pressure and aid his team to reach the final.

 Grurlok, assistant coach. Where Cervera is the brain (if the half orc even has one) of the team with his complicated and indiscernible tactics, Gurlok is the coach's iron fist, making sure with his whip and his one eyed hard stare that all the players are up to the level expected of them. His torments and punishents for the losers and all players uncomitted are universally famous in the league, and all the fans are expecting someone to trip and fall during the game to see the newest torture ideated by the assistant coach for the day. 

But as Gurlok always says while whipping the players during training
"I'll teach yo rookie gitz to play 'cause where there's a whip there's a way"

Staff of the undead team "necrofilia"
Coach Oriol Pou. Athought reltively new in the arts of necromancy, this middenheimer, once student at the colleges of Altdorf but now pursued by the witch hunters is undoubtedly a powerful wizzard. In spite of devoting his talents to the terror and dominion like most necromancers do, Pou decided to take to the pitch. Always a huge fan of the Uric's wolves, Middenheim's team he decided to begin his own. After a trip around the most famous stadiums of the old world stealing corpse after corpse with the aid of his faithful band of ghouls, Pou gathered all his morbid remains in his sorceror's tower over the peaks of the world's edge mountains, and so it was that in a stormy geheimnsnacht between lightning bolts and the roar of thunders "necrofilia" was (re)born. 

 Team mascot Putxi. Putxi is the familiar nickname of this hughe and leathal chaos warhound that has accompanied Pou since he left Altdorf with the witch hunters at his heels. Both have shared the most diverse adventures and form the oldest and initial component of the team (well discounting the two wights that have been dead for centuries of course).

  Staff of the lizardmen team "pinxapinyes"
 Mauta and Maute are the team's cheerleaders, althought most races couldn't tell that they are a pair of female skinks the team ceirtantly doeas and the saurus can be usually seen around the cheerleaders courting them or fighting amongst themselves over the smallest issue. They take their job very seriously and have ideated some chants, the famousest of wich are the following:

We come from the sea
we come from the land
so turn around and flee
or you'll bit the sand
Give me a P
Give me and I
and so on...

Or the famous shout when launching long bombs:

 Coach Albert Costa: this venerable skink priest has recieved the divine mandate of the team's owner (a powerful and influential Slann in Lustria) to win the Kislev Cup and by Sotek that he'll win it! His first days in the game were in the lethal league between amaxons and lizardmen known as the floral wars: after a long and gruelling war, both sides decided to play blood bowl instead wich althought being as lethal doesen't kill too many warriors (or warrioresses) that are much needed to fight against dark elves, eastern invaders and the renascent clan pestilens. After some years a player, the weight of the years began to tell and he left the pitch to come back as the brand new coach of the pinxapinyes.

 Graf Joan Cervera is the coach of the "calçot's boys" a human team, he has been in the game since he got bored of his business as a manager of a cannon foundry in Altdorf and decided to form his own team selling the foundry. The disastrous last season was so bad for him that he had to sell his team to the consortium of engineers of Praag, which after dimembring and feedeing to the bears the last coach appointed him as the new one making sure to have always a hungry bear near him. As all empire noblemen graf Joan always carries a monocle, and since he comes from Altdorf he makes always sure of carrying a repeater handgun for "security" purpouses.

 "Sasha" is the lucky charm and mascot of the team, a rare species of cat coming from the misterious land of Ind, which was gifted to the team by the engineers consortium. There are rumours that famous personlaities from the world of business like Otto Jaeger also bought this kind of pet, but since he left for Lustria and hasn't come back no one knows if that's for sure.

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