Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Stygies VIII cuirassiers

 I present you, my IG armoured company: company B of the 182th Stygian
 Upon their elevation to the comandanship of a battletank each officer has the right to design their personal banner wich will flow atop of their machine in the heat of combat, thus the charges of the Stygians are a colourful and breathtaking sight in the battlefields of the Imperium.
 The 182 Stygies was founded during the age of aposthasy, and it's illustrious history dates back to the Macharian crusade where it fought with the 1st army of the Lord Solar adquiring inmortal glory and bringing incomptable lost worlds back to the Emperor's realm.
The first squadron is under the command of liutenant Golvada and his leman russ "Sepulchra metallica", alongside with sergeants Werner in "Mechaniucs Deus" and Divas in "Ordinatus"
The second squadron is under the company's comissar Anatol Giorgi in "Imperator", with sergents Hemstring and Ferdinand at his side mounted in "Imperius Dominatus" and "Mortis"  respectively 
The company's captain, Eliah Vanadin, leads from the baneblade "honor" which has been specially modified with enhanced comm and vox to act as command vehicle.
 The comany's heraldy is quite simple, the command vehicles as the ones riding the comissar and the captain show a mailed fist alongside the number and name of the vehicle and the regiment's number.
 The standard leman russes show instead the "deer's head" heraldic emblem of the regiment which has remained unchanged since was firstly given to them by Macharius himself after the victory against the Kallastin Stratocracy in the opening movements of the Crusade.
 The pious nature of the regiment is evident in the numerous seals and expressions of faith that had been hanged in the vehicles by it's crews.
 A pict-capture of Comissar Giorgi
 lso the command vehicles usally crown their flags with golden iconography to denote thier status and to shine and help to identify the company's leaders in the middle of battle
 The company commander's flag is an exception to the personal colours, since it's alwas white to make it's iddentification easyer in the battlefield

 a pict-capture of sergeant Ferdinand upon his leman russ: "Mortis"
 Liutenant Golvada, commander of first squadron
The company manoeuvring in column
 Forming a fireline
 Advancing in echelon
 And in speartip

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