Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Primarch Project: Sanguinius

 After reading the BoLS supplement of the Horus Heresy i've decided to start a mini campaign of five scenarios that will go through the decisive battlefields of the era, from the black-grained deserts of Isstvan V to the palace of the Emperor and from the mud of Ullanor to the bridge of the Vengeful Spirit. To do that, to recreate the most important point in the history of mankind, the first step is obiously to get some primarchs.
And here comes the first: Sanguinius, Master of the IX Legion and Lord of Angels.

 The model is based in the old elven prince on dragoon with the griphon's wings from the als old war altar of sigmar. The worst problem i've had to face was how to base him, finally i decided to suspend him in flight avobe one marble column made with softwood. To conceal the junction from the front I putted a fur loincloth with a blood tear.
 Sanguinius wields the spear of telesto that comes from one of the cold one plastic knights, and the red sword from the empire knigths with a pommel made with the handle of one of the imperial milita pistols. 
 When adding the wings i had to cut the cloak of the prince and replenish the gape with more fur, the cutted cloak also helped in covering the junction from behind.
Finally i added some fire tongues in the spear, two purity seals and hided his elfic ears beneath putty hair, and Voilà!

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