Monday, 7 October 2013

Skarsnik lord of the eight peaks and snotlings

I've recently started to repaint my old night goblin army, and here you can see the first results
 I decided to give a comic air to the snotling bases accordingly to the ridiculous caracther of these criatures, and made each base entirelly different from the others wich will add some contrast tot the more black uniformity of the rest of the army.

 The burial 

 the hunt

 a coward snotling hides behind the skulls while his copanions face mindlessly the enemy

 When mading skarsnik i had clear that i wanted him rising over a pile of dead dwarfs, as appears in the tale of the battle of the east gate in the 5th edition army book, tale that has also been inspirational for the whole army based in typicaly goblionid fungus madness.
 to make the base i just glued together two dwarfs and started adding mushroms, shields and weapons

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