Monday, 2 September 2013

Spanish war of sucession 1713-1714

In the final years of the war of spanish sucession all the potencies in Europe were eager to sign the peace, wich was concluded in favour of the United Kingdom by the treaty of Ultrecht (1713), but in Spain a point of conflict remained: Catalonia, a region which had always been independent from the crown and sided with the autrians and England still fought in an attempt to preserve his rights and liberties. This are some of the regiments that took part in that final struggle of the war which ended with the surrender of Barcelona, the catalan capital (1714) and the loss of their freedom.

La fe Regiment (catalan line cavalry)

French Dragoons

Spanish artillery

Catalan Generals
 Antoni de Villarroel (catalan commander in chief)

French Generals

Generalitat regiment (catalan line infantry)

Nostra senyora dels desamparats regiment (catalan line infantry)

Catalan artillery, note that the white uniform comes from their creation as one unit of the austrian army.

French artillery

French regiment Picardie
Colonel flag

French regiment la couronne 

French sappers

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