Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Signus: the Cathedral of the Mark

 Last battle in the campaign is the Blood Angels's assault on the chaos seat of power, the blasphemous structure where the daemon kings of the planed dwell
 Sanguinius and his dwanbreakers led the assault
 Daemons begin to spill from the warp, firing volleys of spines from their bodies

 Some dawnbreakers are lost to shooting
 Battle is joined!
 Sangy charges the daemon lord
 Beginning  a gruelling combat
 The buffed up nullificator and his bodyguard make short work of some lesser daemons
 More lessers pop up
 Followed by bloodletters
 Another unit of flying neverborn pours spines into the foe
 Sanguinius just can't kill his foe and is even wounded
 To add insult to injury some termis are downed by overwatch
 Finally the beast falls to the spear of Telesto
 Al across the battlefield daemon and angel fight it out

 The dawnbreakers destroy the possessed chaff
 While the Great Angel comes to the rescue of his sons
 A unit of termis is killed to a man
 But after destroying two swarms of neverborn nullificator&co are ready to secure the flank
 Battle comes to an end with the IXth legion in possession of the enemy deployment zone, giving overall victory in the campaign to the loyalists. Signus has been purged and Sanguinus can continue his path to Terra leading to the final confrontation with the traitor Horus.

 Whenever the Angel treads daemons fall

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