Sunday, 8 April 2018

Fort Royal 1781

 After the Easter break we retake our caribbean campaign with the battle of Fort Royal, where a bigger french squadron has just relieved the forces blockaded in the island, picking them up in the bay and then sailing against a british fleet that is keeping the distance. Despite being outnumbered, admiral Hood has an ace up his sleeve: all his ships are bottom coppered and so move 5 cmt more than the enemy vessels.
 Brits grab the inititative and move to cut the enemy van
 Aboard HMS Barfleur, Hood observes warily De Grasse and his flag, the Ville de Paris
 Three french ships detach from the main line
 As the vanguard turns the T, the rest of the briton line engages the enemy closer

 The weeling ships concentrate their fire
 The french rear chases the last enemy ships
 The british vanguard disintegrates into individual fights
 All alone, a french ship strikes, the fire takes hold of the hulk which will blow up in two turns
 Chaos engulfs the vanguards
 The fire reaches the powder magazine
 And the ship explodes into a massive fireball
 As daylight dwindles the english pile in on two isolated ships making them strike

 Overview at the end of the battle

 The british rear was running away
The outcome: three french lost for no british casualties, 12-0
Bells ring in London when news of the victory are published


  1. C'est magnifique! Belle atmosphère et superbes navires...

  2. Always nice to hear such heartwarming comments