Friday, 6 November 2015

Random BFG battle

 So my father decided that 40K was too complicated for him so we'll play BFG/epic instead, a game was then needed to refresh the rules. I rolled incurson, so I would be playing against the double of ships great!
 I had the first turn however and moved behind one of the enemy cruisers
 But soon the enemy bombers were on me
 Too late I realized that the gas clouds were my only defence against the massed bombers
 And when I got in I only had very few hits remaining
 I managed to cripple one of the cruisers even ramming it

But eventually the batteries of both cruisers were my doom

I'll paint the models that I hoarded for a third war for armageddon campaign, meanwhile we'll play the continuation for the Metalica subsector combining epic and BFG. We'll only play scenarios from the battles chart tough since my father's space hulk can't be divided in half for scenarios such as incursion or convoy.

Also this battle demonstrated that whoever has more bombers in BFG instawins the battle. Let's do a quick math: if we confront a gun cruiser such as a dominator with a carrier such as a dictator the first will score a medium of 1,5 hits for 2 of the other in the first turn, in the second, the first still causes 1,5 but the bombers after having destroyed the defensive turrets now cause no less than 4 hits; in the third turn a crippled dominator just scores 0,75 hit while the bombers finish it off with 4 hits. This short conflict shows the superiority of the carriers who can destroy enemy cruisers, hardly being crippled in exchange. To sum it up, the bomber has the vantge of alwas scoring a hit for squadron while the guns often miss their target causing trivial damage.
 Time then to go back in time to WW2 carrier-tactics and forget about WW1 artillery duels, so from now on all the imperial cruisers will be dictators and the battleship a nemesis carrier.


  1. Please re-read Big Blue Book (BFG Basic Rules) page 30, Bomber Runs vs Ships. Each hit does NOT destroy turrets. "The number of attacks the squadron makes REDUCES BY ONE for each turret on the ship." This "reduces by one" is not the same as destroys a turret. It's worded poorly. Read the example in italics and see how it says D6-2 for total number of bomber attacks.

    I recommend you use the updated ordnance rules published in Warp Storm and the FAQ. It reduces ordnance effectiveness greatly.

    Overall great battle report :-)

  2. In spanish the rulebook says that one turret is destroyed by each sucessful bomber squadron, and the example corroborates that. It would seem that the studio made our rulebook different than yours.