Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The uruk hai

 After a narrow escape from the grapes of Saruman's soldiers and the attentions of the orc Grishnak, Merry and Pippin observe as the rohirrim close on the orcs and uruk hai entrenched in a hill. Unknown to the warriors of Rohan however, a new force of uruks led by one of their chieftains, Mauhur is emerging from the forest of Fangron to help their comrades.

A simple victory points scenario played with GW's LOTR rules.
Ugluk,uruk hai captain (using Shagrat rules)
Mauhur, uruk hai chieftain 
4 uruks with crossbow
7 uruks with shields
2 orcs with double handed weapon
3 orcs with bows
2 orcs with shields
Rider of Rohan with banner
11 riders of Rohan
The fact that all riders of Rohan come with a bow could make this battle really hard for the darkness's slow moving infantry.
 The riders deploy surrounding the hill in the center
 Led by Ugluk (with the horn), orcs and uruks prepare to sell their lives dearly 
 With the coming of dawn, Eomer (white plume and red shield) spurs his men forth
 While Mauhur (the drummer) leds the reifrocements from the forest
 Light got the initiative, but Ugluk called an heroic shooting
 The riders advance
 Protecting their banner
 While both groups of uruks moved to the right

 First blood for Rohan, a crossbowuruk killed by an arrow. 

 The next casaulty is a rider felled by a crossbolt intended for the banner hiding behind.
 Eomer's force wheels to the left while loosing a veritable rain of arrows
 With the uruks close, the rohirrim form a firing line
 While more and more orcs and uruks descend from the hill unwilling to be sitting ducks for the arrowstorm.

 The banner falls to the mud as a bolt kills its bearer
 But the arrows of Rohan do not remain silent
 The action is now fully focused on the right
 First charge
 Remains inconclusive for two turns, the rider fending off attacks from mauhud and his uruks before beign overhelmed at the cost of one point of might
 More and more riders become entangled in combat, having come too close to their foe.

 And one after another begin to fall

 Eomer's heroic move allows some rohirrim charges tough
 The uruks prove their worth, slaughtering the pride of Theoden
 After losing 7 riders (the 50%) the courage tests begin, and one rider flees the seemingly lost battle.

 Eomer begins a fighting retreat to the forest
 While the remnants of the other rohirrim force become surrounded and beaten to the ground.
 Arrows can't pierce the thick armour of the uruks

 In the seventh turn the Rohan player finally concedes the defeat, Ugluk & co. have managed to change the outcome written in the book!
Finally, while storing the models I decided to snap this size comparison picture; as you can see, red box's uruks are far taller than their orcs while being sligtly taller than a 1/72 viking/rohirrim from zvezda. Also this is Rohan!

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