Sunday, 2 November 2014

The battle for Pouia

 When the shadow in the warp was casted upon the planet Pouia, heralding the coming of a tyranid invasion, all seemed lost to the imperial defenders. But in the near forgeworld of Metallica,  princeps Mannheim heard their plea for help and led an entire titan battlegroup of the Legio Metallica to help the imperial defenders. The warlords titans Imperius Galgamech, Imperius Quintus, Imperius tenebrus and the imperator titan Steel Hammer. Mannheim and his fellow princeps prepared to stop the tyranid's own bio titans in the desertic plains south of the main hive city, amongst a battlefield dominated by fuel silos and exhaust vents.
 Against them were arrayed no less than eight hierodules 

 Legio Metallica got the inititative, but all their weapons were out of range except the two vortex missiles of Imperius Galgamech (unlimited range!!) wich were swiftly launched
 First blood to the imperials, as the two vortex warheads kill one hierodule
 The tyranids begin to advance, but a lucky shot from Imperius Tenebrus kills one hierodule with a 12 in the critical hits table after causing jut one damage
 The bio titan's comrades hiss in vengeance and inflict one damage upon Imperius Galgamech with their cluster spines and bio cannons
 but they pay dearly for their insolence, as Steel Hammer, Imperius Quintus and Galgamech concentrate their fire upon them. One hierodule goes down
 While another is finished up by the imperator's plasma anihilator
 The tyranid right flank is hiding behind one fuel silo, startled by the sudden death of  its vanguard, while their left charges against the titan battleline
 The casualties mount, but a lone hierodule charges valiantly against Imperius Galgamech,  but the combat is a draw 
 The right also moves on, failing to contact with Imperius Tenebrus by few centimetres. The imperials quickly move to envelop them. the imperator and Tenebrus train their guns upon the incoming aliens felling one of them, who is finished by three lucky shots from the hellstorm cannon.
 Imperius Quintus smashes against the flank of the hierodule and chops it to pieces with the help of Galgamech
 The lone remaining hierodule charges against Tenebrus but fails to win the combat
After what the tyranid player gives up.
The first victory of my titan legion, and another planet saved by the might of the god-machines!

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