Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Battle of the Poros

In the years prior to the great war of the ring, the skirmishes around the frontiers of Gondor abundated, and some of them proved to be a serious threat to the security of the kingdom. Amongst these  none is more remembered with fear than the great incursion lead by the infamous Kamul the easterling and his infamous followers. Notice of the invasion spread fastly, and Boromir of Gondor and his brother Faramir rallied a force to oppose the invaders at the point where their advance could me most easilly putted to Halt: the river Poros.
 Kamul with his forces: a mûmak, haradrim infantry and a easterling phalanx.
 The defenders of Gondor: Farmamir, Boromir, bowmen, men at arms of minas tirith and a force of the magestic Dol Amroth swan knights.
 Faramir and his archers
 The river Poros, frontier between Gondor and the expansing lands of the darkness
 Boromir leads the gondorian cavalry.
 The dark powers start to move, the bowmen in the mumak's tower start to fire but with no effect.
 The gondorians move to protect the crossing
 Dol amroth and mounted archers advance to prevent the crossing of Sauron's infantry

The southernlings enter the river firing a continued rain of poisoned arrows.
 The men at arms march to the river accompanied by boromir
 sir cavalry to the left! roll over and crush them!
 after the dust settles nothing remains of the pride of Imrahil
 Bormoir charges valiantly to stop the monstruous beast, wile his infantry attacks the easterlings in the ford. The mumak suffers his first casualty due to shotting, but also injuries Boromir.
  After two round of combat the esterlings and Kamul cut the throats of the gondorians, the Mumak suffers from burst after burs of arrows, but his proximity with the nâzzgul assures that he pass all the control tests to preventing him from an stampede.
 After finishing Boromir the imponent Mûmak turns...
And crushes the gondorian archers. A Badly injuried Faramir leads the surviors of the force in retreat, the passage is secured and the invasion keeps on.

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