Sunday 1 January 2023

The secrets of Mortis: Hive Rush


I, deacon Malakev, was there when rumours reached holy Klovis of a great treasure hoard hidden in the abandoned hive of Mortis. Loath to let such a bounty fell into the hands of the heretics he led an expedition into that forgotten metropolis, to secure such bounty for the holy cause of Redemption
Despite the purity of our cause we weren't alone on that sacred pilgrimage, and the miscreant enforcers of the bloated lord Helmawr had sent an excavation robot to get first into the city
That band of inmoral mercenaries wasn't far behind, rushing through the poisoned land aboard an unholy convoy made of ramshackle vehicles
Klovis himself joined the race to the gates aboard the blessed Pulpitek, that magnificent chariot of purity that has conveyed us in many a purging
Third on the trail was a noisome gang of goliaths, too doped up on stimms to realize the error of their ignorant ways
The day began badly for us, the sinful oppressors of the cancerous establishment unleashed a blasphemous weapon on the crusade, throwing several zealots from the Pulpitek and gravely injuring me, the Redeemer however was miraculously spared by the Emperor's grace

But fear not pious reader, soon it was time for us to unleash His vengeance on the unbelievers, and a holy torrent of flame from the weapons of the faithful scoured the fighting deck 
Ablaze with the fire of their sins, the enforcers kept driving towards the hive
But soon more exterminator shots punished them for the effrontery
And lo behold, the purifying flame of Redemption did surround their reprobate bodies, cleansing them of taint through the holy ordeal of pain

The fire of victory in our hearts we jumped into their midst, slicing cancerous flesh with the sharp blades of our blessed eviscerators

While Klovis led us further towards the prize we noticed the goliaths keeping and uncommon low profile, cravenly rushing ahead instead of engaging in holy combat with the heretical policemen
As we traded shots with the abominable foe...
... some zealots stood behind, all the better to give the coup de grace to the heretics that had fittingly fallen by the roadside

Even their thecnoheretical bikes weren't safe from our wrath, consumed by righteous fire 
Despite our victory it was too late to stop their blasphemous scout from entering the city, and through such unworthy, cowardly means was the crusade temporarily thwarted
Soon our vehicles reached Mortis, and so began the great quest to uncover its secrets and preserve them for the Master of Mankind (blessed be His name).

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